Download Mukuru
  Getting Started
Click the Download Here button on any of the pages
When prompted to install, save the installation file.
Open the application and enter your cell number, select your country from the drop down and click next.
Mukuru will send an SMS to your cell number with your PIN. Enter your PIN, choose a display name and click next.
Some phones may give a security warning about Mukuru using your data network, the security warning is generated by the phone. Close Mukuru and in the list of applications, check Mukuru’s permissions. Set the permission for network access to 'always allow', or 'ask once'. If those options do not exist, take your phone to your nearest dealer to have the phone's software updated.
When the application is open, it will ask if you wish to sync with your contacts to find out who is using Mukuru from your contact list. You can also add a contact manually by inputting their number (we will SMS them an invite to join Mukuru if you do this - for free!).
Download Mukuru